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Limulus Hadoop 800
4 TByte SSD Upgrade (4x1TB)

$1,495.00 each Out of stock


Add more storage to Hadoop Data Appliance Model 800

Increase the total amount of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) storage for Limulus model 800. By default all Limulus Hadoop systems with a node count less than 5 use a replication factor of two. Therefore, this upgrade provides an additional 2 TB of usable Hadoop HDFS storage.

The upgrade includes four 1 TByte SSD drives (high endurance, 360 TBW, 3D TLC memory) that are added to each node at time of construction. Note: This upgrade must be purchased with a Limulus D system. It is not intended as a user installable option. Only available on LImulus model 800.

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